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I love car shows but that guy that runs that place is the most annoying, crybaby, whining, everything a huge ordeal, Drama queen of a man I ever seen. I just can’t take him.

The lady that brought her vw in, I would have took the key back and said apparently you can’t handle the job. It was a cute little car too. At the end the coil went bad and he cried and threw a cussing fit! It’s was a simple thing.

Ugh. Can’t stand a man act like that.

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I find Dan Shorts reactions amusing. Playing poker with this man would be fun because he doesn't have a "poker face." He wears his emotions on his sleeve.

His facial expressions when a customer changes the plan on the fly and it causes the work in process to be delayed. He's quite emotional but in my opinion, he's very smart and a great mechanic.

I would entrust any car to his care because he and his staff are competent and fair, and his labor rates are fair. Give me more Dan Short and Fantomworks!

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