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Velocity has amazing shows but Dan at Fantom Works is by far the worst show I've seen I've tired many times to watch this show but Dan he's always upset at something over prices his work is this what the producers of velocity want. What a *** show feels more like it's staged

Product or Service Mentioned: Fantomworks Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dan is so flistered by everything I don't know why anyone would go to this shop. Most of the mechanics also seem more like interns than experienced professionals. Who could work for this guy day in and day out?


I have to laugh at this show. None of the mechanics are anywhere near professional.

They look like bums and really don't know what the *** they are doing.

I built my first car in auto shop in high school which was my 57 chevy which took me my sophmore and junior year. As for danny boy, he is an *** plain and simple.


Never liked the man or the show. Kinda like a train wreck.

Memorable moments when he tried drilling through tempered glass and it shattered into a million pieces. When you can’t tell the difference between tempered glass and windshield glass it’s time to exit stage left. Or how about when he tore apart the transmission on the Tornado Thunderbolt because it was popping out of 2nd gear and he replaced all those transmission parts including a clutch throw out bearing pressure plate and flywheel returns the car and tells the customer it still pops out of gear but not as badly as before. Total BS.

Or the full restoration on the pink Cadillac and the paint work on the side looks sooo wavy. Should take the cars to Martin Brothers, Dave Kindig or Chip Foose.

Dan Short is a wanna be with a big mouth. Surprised he’s still in business.


I agree Dan is the real deal. He has brought great publicity to Hampton Roads. Thank You Dan!!!!


I love the show. He seems to really care about doing a great job. My shop charges 125.00 an hour so I think fantomworks 75.00 an hour is a good price.


I have worked at many body shop and you get what you pay for. And I think that Dan does a great job.

We just need more shops In Virginia go on air.

Dan keep up the good work and one day I would like to come by your shop and hang out with you guys one day. Like your show