Bethany, Connecticut

First Dan told the Client that spending that kind of money on an a very poorly kept Corvette was not

worth spending that kind of money on a low horse

power Corvette that needs a body off complete

restoration. It's to bad that he missed this part of

the show. I have worked on cars since I was 16 and

It may look easy but it's not. I have run a engineering

company and paying unemployment compensation

which went to 5% do to a part timer who filled in for

a week put in for unemployment .paying 1/2 of SS and

workmens compensation plus any really good mechanic gets at easy $30 to $50 pay roll isn't cheap

plus Dan has to follow the producer rules which is why

American Restoration told them to fry ice. Dans work

Will not do a vehicle unless it leaves with safe breaks,

Engine, and frames. So who ever thinks running a business is easy .please try working on a car that the

client thinks is 80% done when the frame is bent, the

Engine s shot, and there is a ton of Bondo.I have owned a business for over 25 years. Ad it's not easy.

Hopefully folks will figure it out. Dan owns and runs

one of the better shops. But now he has a producer

telling him what to do. Also is a very fair and produces

A better vehicle the when it came out of the factory.

Wise up .

Reason of review: He did what he said he would do I could not be more satisfied.

Fantomworks Pros: Totally honest.

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He is making more money from the Network than the restorations. Why does he never mention the cost of those restorations? I smell FRAUD here.


why doesent he try another network motor trend sucks now anyway


Dan should try getting on SPIKE or REELZ tv. With a new pair of tighter fitting jeans & a shower, anything is possible ; ) Dan's a warrior who's been thru it all & kept his sanity. Go Dan!!!


Are any of you that think he does good work serious!! I have seen monkeys do better work.

He goes out and thrashes the *** out of customers cars, his "brake check" obsession is pathetic, he takes cars out that are no where near finished, no seats etc and thrashes them. Why the *** doesn't he buy a brake testing machine, workers lean all over cars with no protection.

His attitude to his workers is beyond belief, I don't know why the *** anyone would work for him, I certainly wouldn't. I just cringe when ever I see that program and his butcher workers.


Good riddance to FantomWorks


For a car guy in the resto business Dan whines too much


He slams the brakes on for some reason????


Best of the auto build shows on tv


That’s a bunch of *** Fantomworks is One of my favorite tv shows. What’s Dan going to do now?

I hope another network picks him and crew up.

Damon them ! I will now boycott Motor Trend!!!!!


I'm not an owner of a classic car anymore but I loved this show... It had class and they always produced phenomenonal cars....much better than the other shows where they customize cars over the top.

This was the only true restoration show... you guys blew it by cancelling this great show...shame on you, you lost a viewer.

@Kurt Stiefken

Very disappointed. Fantomworks was one of the best shows on TV


Dan was a joke. If you believed he was good at his job then you have no idea how the business really works.

I for one am glad they canceled the show. Been s long time coming....


Given the number of "restorations" he's salvaged over the years, and his respect for veterans (yup, I am one), he's far closer to a saint than a sinner!


I just read an article about how he has failed to provide wounded vets with cars


You are the one with no clue how a garage works. Your comments only proves how ignorant you are.


I have watched every epsiode of Fantomworks and to to think that motor trend would cancel a good show like this and leave of the thrash shows like have is assinine. they should have left it Velocity instead of motor trend.


A car has BRAKES, not breaks. Why all the cussing?


The cancellation of Fantomworks is ridiculous and shows producers are typical elitists...


I Love Dan and the Fantomworks show. It’s a shame that it has come to an end because Dan will not do a less than 100% Correct restoration including updates and updates to meet the standards of 21st Century.

@Anthony Strum

Learned a lot from fandom works,thank you Dan and vet