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Took my car to Fantomworks to be restored, when he finish the car he call an said it is ready to be picked up I live in the western Carolinas about 10 hours, away and he said the car is perfect, the color is wrong and the workmanship is un believable, interior lights has never been installed, he E-mailed me and said that he would get me a dome light for me to install, that's a joke, the motor leaks oil, wires hanging out from under dash, poor fit with all trim, scratches in paint, burnt carpet, chrome burnt from buffing, cut bolsters, window cranks laying in the seats, interior trim not completely painted and rusting, master cylinder leaking at brake lines, chrome master cylinder painted with brake fluid leaking, the paint is running off, steering makes a popping noise when turning lock to lock this car is dangerous to drive I do not drive this car. To name just a few I counted about 60 things wrong with the car for about $160,000.00 I would think I would get a better job than this.

I told Dan that he would have to pay for shipping the car back and pay for all repairs and he refused.

the only driving that has been done my wife pulled it from the delivery trailer to the garage 40 feet we are afraid to drive this peace of JUNK!!!! My wife & I got to thinking if this is the best that Fantomworks can do I would rather some one else fix it right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fantomworks Car Painting.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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All the time I have watched and enjoyed I have only seen one cry baby fellow with a old vw bettle who changed his mind a few times and wanted free work and I thought he was way off base other than that negative episode every thing is first rate and I don't think the show is manipulated because drama sells so I think the guy had personel issues.

to AustereAdeliePenguin #1638752

If You can find something that eat's illegal aliens and *** gas and some people would still complain.




I believe it! All his so-called "brake-check" does is FLAT-SPOT the Tires; WHY doesn't he know this???

to Anonymous #1638597

That’s just fine if he’s going to put new tires on it


Sounds like a BS Complainer to me ... You probably told them not to do all the work !


I would like to have someone independently investigated this because until I see some better evidence it doesn't sound anything Phantom Works has ever done. I don't believe a word of this so until I see some independent evidence I don't believe it period.


Sounds like you just ran out of money to have the job completed properly

to Fred Sapper #1650422

ran out of money he paid 160k for the job


DAN SHORT. You and your crew and your TV show are a *** JOKE go back to fixing wheel barrows you *** MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Watching the show you can see where they cut corners, like with the Triumph TR6 rebuild where he convinced the customer to take the care with three different color interior parts. It was his fault for ordering the wrong color but didn't ship them back to make it right.

poor quality control and really doesn't care about the finished product but is all to happy to present the outrageous bill to the customer. I would be embarrassed.

He is building a bad name for himself and his company. TV will sink him.

to Dan #1638713

What poor quality? every one raves of the good work except a weasel who couldn't make up his mind when dan went the extra mile while this cheap guy crying for his crappie vw bug which he could not make up his mind and wanted free work

to Dan #1638714

hey not the tv Dan lets see some of your handy work Rembrandt


I don't believe this...

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #1330797

Please deliver your vehicle to Daniel's performance group we will take care of you we are already fixing one of fantom works vehicles they so called restored

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