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why do u replace thechrome radiater hoses with the rubber ones

Ann McDonald

It is better to contact Fantomworks customer service by toll-free number 888-326-8661 or by email address


Company name

Why did you change the spelling of the name phantom works to Fantom Works. I think it looked better when it was Phantom.

My husband and I love your show. I hope your really not going off the air.


1969 Hurst Olds clone

by UnwieldyCod

Hi , Enjoy your show . Have difficulty wrapping my head around one aspect of the 69 Hurst Olds build .

The owner initially states money is no problem & when receiving the bill he tosses it & basically says doesn’t matter . Why then concerned about a few thousand to look at & repair the engine ? Pushes it into a trailer to have the engine fixed on warranty??? Also a tech query .

Been a while since rebuilding an engine , but the theory was on initial start , run it above 2000 RPM for 20 minutes to avoid wiping the cam .

No longer required ? Thanks


93Mustang Lx5.0 V8 Coupe w Trunk, Calypso Green

by UntriedHippopotamus

About Two Months Ago.. I sent an Email w request for service on Above Mentoined Vehicle....And as of yet, Haven't Had any Reply/or Call..

Dan Should have My Information Regarding the Particulars .. But basically it is a Oneofa kind NOS Mustang less than 2k Miles always Inclosed covered Garage Kept.. Just been Setting For Some time....

It Really a App A Call from Dan . Thanks


1952 Henry J

This was my first car. My dad gave it too me in a basket. Can you help me find another one to rebuild.



by user16610241

I am wondering why you call a Willys a Willis?? Ralph


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