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I've been watching this show for a while now and really can't stomach the way Dan traps customers and they don't even realize it. I just don't understand why people think that spending 60-100k for a project is ok when the same cars sell for half the price at Mecum.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fantomworks Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I can buy a truck like mine most likey cheaper possible nicer condition the difference is I owned mine since new 19 years now raised 8 kids and my trucks been thru good, bad, thick and thin that's priceless to me. That's the kinda stuff that makes people spend what ever they feel like on their original vehicles vs buying a cheap look alike


What makes you think he is trapping them? Some people will pay anything for "sentimental" cars.

Also, just because you can get them "half price" at Meachum doesn't mean they are any good.

If you actually pay attention to the show, and as a DIYer I do, everything they do is top notch. Look at how many jobs they end up with after other, sometimes several, shops have ripped off their customers and either did nothing, or worse, screwed up what they did do.

@Boston Cowboy

Are you high? This clown finds the poor sentimental bastards and takes them to the bank!

He sets them up for the kill, works on their emotions over time, then gives them a second rate overpriced lawn ornament.

He’s a pimp and a liar, as well as a con man that works the long con. Wake up you idiot!


Damn straight, he is a rip off and the shops workmanship is pathetic.