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I disagree with your comments. When there is mutual agreement and the customer demands a complete restoration of an old, rust-heap of a car, it's going to be expensive due to the work involved to make the car safe.

Time and again, Dan insists that the car be road worthy before it leaves the shop, no exceptions! Replacing body panels when there aren't aftermarket or salvage parts available means that parts have to be manufactured by the metal workers. This is extremely time consuming and thus, expensive. Dan talks to the customer and explains what the costs are going to be and tries to talk them out of unwise decisions.

I would gladly use his shop and staff to restore an old car... If I had one and the money to spend!

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Car restoration these days, except for exotics, is all the same. It costs the same regardless of the car--between $100-$125K, period.

This gives you a show car if you think you want one. OR, you can go buy one already done, which is what I would personally suggest UNLESS you want to do a lot of the work yourself and can or just want to give some shop your business and $$ for some reason. There are SO MANY already-done cars out there you will probably find what you want easily in the popular cars. If you get a show car, you have to trailer it to the show, prep it, which takes about a day or two, and then enjoy the show.

If you want to drive your car, get one that is already done that you can afford, have it surveyed by a pro, and drive the darn thing and enjoy it. This is different from just going to shows and being judged, which is also fun.

Figure out what you want and then go forward. There is little reason to get involved with any of these shops if you just want to own the car.


Love his attitude and work not counting prices. Wish I could do this! I'd be rich in a few years.


I love this guy. Finally a show about what realistically happens during a restoration.

Anyone who’s done several restorations will agree. Always problems!

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