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Huge mistake canceling Fantom works, Dan Short and the guys was the best restoration show on, bring them back

Product or Service Mentioned: Fantomworks Tv Show.

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Dan Short is the epitome of everything BAD about auto repair people. His first and only concern is profit!

The car comes in for a running problem and he sells them a suspension overhaul and a new interior! Huh? When he finally does go after the original problem it's usually misdiagnosed and entails and engine/fuel system/ignition overhaul/replacement. The SHOTGUN approach!

If you repair EVERYTHING then you're bound to finally fix the original problem. The problem is the customer is now flat broke for what should have been a $100.00 repair! In all my time in the auto repair business I have seen it internally controlled. If we saw a tech up selling unneeded work or over charging the other techs in the shop made sure that was short lived.

If management didn't immediately address the issue then WE did and the offender always left in pain...... One bad apple spoils the entire barrel and we weren't going to let him give the rest of us a bad name. I spent 4 years in the US Navy as a jet engine tech. Over 30 years as an auto tech working for G.M.

dealers, Mitsubishi dealers and then owning an independent Mitsubishi specialty shop for over 4 years. Full ASE certification. California emission certification (tested 97 percentile!!!). I learned early on to treat my customers with respect and to treat the money they were spending as if it were my own.

I had a huge customer following because of that.

Dan Short would NEVER talk to a customer and would be in my shop less than an hour before I fired him! Goo GOD I'm so glad that moron has been cancelled!


I'm glad the show is cancelled and I'm glad they got rid of this show is restoration sucks Dave kindig is far better than him


Dan is just a big cry baby.Never has anything positive to say. He complains about everything including the clients and make mountains out of every small issue to make it sound like everything is a huge problem to fix.

Most everything he does is simple repairs and then tells the client you came in with a mess and I fixed it. Good job MT to replace this whiner.


Totally agree. Dave is the the man. Shorty sucks


I agree..Fantomworks is or rather was the best auto restoration show on tv. I wrote to motor trend and they responded that Dan Short chose to stop being on tv so he could focus more on his business...??

Who's lying?? This program actually seemed like a shop that actually cared about what type of work they did..quality wise.