Rehoboth, Massachusetts
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Shop sucks, maybe 2 guys know what they were doing others are your typical Hamptonroads wanna be’s , I have actually been to their shop and their paint work wow, I could do better with a rattle can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fantomworks Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This guy overcharges customers and is involved in multiple lawsuits. Work is average at best and he’s a ***


Wow. U called that one right.

Hes not all what he seems to be on TV.

He has other vendors fixing what He Cant fix, he cant diagnose or point Blank figure out what wrong (( or should I say,, diagnosDick)) more than he admits. I know that he takes his stuff to others to be repaired, but they refuse to have their name associated with him, because of him and the show


Here's the deal. ...

It's simple. The people who like the show aren't car people. They enjoying listening to the fake drama Dan gives just like the.

Kardashians His clients are old and uneducated car people. Every time.


The problem that I had with Dan was that everything was a critical problem. Too much drama for me but his show was better than most of the shows on MT. We may not know the real reason the show had to go


Only cowards write anonymous. You wouldn’t know quality if it sat on your face.

That shop is top notch. I’ve never seen junk come out of that place. Dan treats his people with respect.

They take on projects that most shops wouldn’t even think of touching. They always have plenty of work going on.


Agreed anyone that has experience with paint you can see some of the shody work. Some looked better than others but none of it made me go wow thats nice work. Hopefully it gets replaced with another show I enjoy watching all of them good or bad you learn something from them.