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I took my very nice classic 1968 Impala to a custom Automotive Shop in Norfolk - FantomWorks to repair a complex Comfortron heating system. I agreed to an original estimate of $1,070 to "diagnose and repair as practical to make system fully functional." The costs included an expensive labor charge of $85.00/hour for 10 hours of labor and 100 in parts. The estimate included an allowance of 25% to resolve any unexpected issues with the repair. In the middle of the repair, FantomWorks stated that no parts were available and they could not "make the system fully functional". They initially demanded that I pay $450.00 in labor costs, plus the cost of an Impala Shop Manual that I did not order. After arguing that the labor costs were not fair since the heating system was still inoperable, they required that I pay $337 in labor costs or I would not be able to pick up car and would be charged $35.00 a day for storage fees until the labor fee was paid. I paid the bill in order to take possession of my car in the middle of a rain storm to avoid storage costs.

Customers Beware: FantomWorks may charge you illegal labor costs for work not completed or ask you to pay more for less than acceptable results.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $337.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Being ripped off.

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Never liked the arrogant *** that owns fantom works.just get a dumper truck and drive the *** through his workshop


Report him to state auto repair authorities they should do under cover investigation on him and shut him down any one that lets fantomworks touch there car has a devalued car once they have butchered it

to Joe #1566349

Yes Joe..He should be reported to the BBB and exposed as a fraud and con man. He won't say how much he will charge, he's the type of Scammer that will ask how much money have you got..

He has no shame in taking all of retired elders money and their homes if he could.

He is just such a Vile Disgusting human being.. I don't get how he still is in business??


good to know. I have a 67 camaro rs ss


Customer is a cry baby

to Me #1548817

Well one thing I gotta say about the show is the owners winning. It seems that every single car has some unforeseen problems, I mean every car.

It just gets irritating seeing the rolling eyes and the oh Jesus remarks all the time. It's like a complaining old lady

to Me #1563264

You don't have a clue


That's why I own a car yard. Lots of old cars.

Judt for any parts !

I love the money I make on people living their youth. I'm living my future!


You cannot expect a shop to invest their time for free. Until a mechanic gets into it they can't say for sure how much the bill will be.

They also had to invest time in trying to find parts, which through no fault of theirs, were not available. It can be frustrating, but when you own a classic car you have to expect certain parts may not be available any longer. As to the shop manual, what do you expect, them to own a service manual for your car? They aren't a Chevrolet dealer and even if they were I seriously doubt a dealer would have a listing.

I'm surprised it wasn't out of print. People tickle me, want to own a classic car but have no clue how to maintain one.

to OFisherJr #1558127

Exactly right!!

to OFisherJr #1563059

That's why people should investigate on parts that are available for a car they are thinking about buying. Mustang and nova's have the most parts available.

A body Mopar passed 1972 not so good. AMC stay away from


I know of a restoration/speed shop which charges $99 and hour and a boat restoration shop which charges $75/hr. At $85/hr he actually sounds cheaper than I expected.

to Mike #1548303

BOAT! Break Out Another Thousand!


Sounds likr thr customer had unreasonable expectations...or was dissapointed that parts were unavailable. Own a old car...do your homework these guys are craftsman not parts magicians .


No I don’t agree with the “pissed” consumer. The problem and or inherited issue with owning an old car is parts!

Simply acquiring a certain part requires deep pockets and if your not prepared for that don’t expect the repair to be made. The research to get and secure these parts take time and unfortunately no body works for free.

Even though labor rates suck, they are high for everything. Just check a dealership from Harley Davidson to Ford dealership.

to Mark #1533276

Harley Davidson. HD = Hundred Dollars. $85 is as cheap as you can get unless you don't care how long the repair lasts !!!

to Mark #1563266

Simply install a vintage a/c and heat system. As per usual once again I know more about car's then the people that claim to be able to restore them. I found at least 3 mistakes in a performance manual for mopars that was wrote by a engineer for Mopar.


There's anyone who watches the show knows, Dan is a ***


Spot on! Being "experts" in car restoration the should have known the problems with the infamous Comfortron.

So to all you Fantom fanboys, lighten up.

They basically charged him to "discover" something that is already well-known.... should have been a 15 minute consultation basically stating these things cannot be fixed.


So now he's reached the level of storage charges just like those sleazy city tow truck companys.I'm not surprised Dan would do this. Maaco runs a better shop.

Dan always claims production line speed in his repairs. Does that sound like a place to bring your car that has many great memory's??

Charging storage on top of a stupidly expensive build, un believeable. This Dan has no shame..

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