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These guys not only cheat & scam people they take up velocity channel time a good show could be using and lmao you charged a man for a cowl hood when he already had on JOKE,SCAM,CHEATERS

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do all you people realize what it cost to restore a vehicle. Danny from Vegas gets $30,000.

Just to paint a car.

Throw in a create engine and you have niw reached abiut $70,000. The chevelle that is spoken about looked awsome.i have never restored a car,but have some friends in the business and that is what things cost.


I can’t brlieve Fantom Works would release a car back to its owner in that condition. Probably never contracted to that type of finish work. There have been cases where the owners have said that they wanted to finish the car,rarely agreed to by Dan.

Mustang, Oklahoma, United States #1350947

He charged that Asian guy $70K for 70 Chevelle restoration. Why did he charge that much?

BECAUSE HE CAN. And his clients pay it, too. It's outrageous. I don't care about what some have said in regards to doing it for love of the car over profit, or any of that garbage.

He's only able to charge these fees because of the implied value added to the work because he's on a reality show. You can get equal or better quality at other shops. And he brags about how Velocity doesn't pay him! Ya, right as if he is not profiting from it.

I also don't care about his military career, which he is further profiting off of by tieing the work he's doing does with a love of country. Short comes across as a douche on the show for a good reason - he is one.

In that regard he is the real deal. Gives those of us who work in this business a bad name.

to Anonymous #1361404

Short oversees work being done by those he pays to do that work - mechanics, etc., just like any other shop. I love reading these posts by people that don't know him, don't know his shop standards, and like arm-chair coaching, you're clueless.

Would you make money if you could? Would you charge more than your competition if you could? You know you would! Give me a break.

He does, he can (as people like to be on TV), and he's doing well from what I see.

Running a business is an all encompassing job in and of itself.

If had a reality TV show I'd do that too.

to Anonymous #1469829

A fully restored chevy impala doesn't even go for 90K let alone one sone poor guy has already bought - then implied the work should be done and gone ahead with without his permission! Dan short has an infirority complex and hustles scams and cons let aline his bullish behaviour making people paint/detail their cars to his liking!!He is sensetivr guy who can't accept criticism and is plain rude!!

to Anonymous #1489747

What brand of paint does he use? Do you know?

to Anonymous #1506153

There were 2 70 Chevelle's used if you watch carefully.. One green 396SS that magicly turned into a blue 454LS6.. It also went magicly from a non cowl induction and non posi to a cowl doing posi burnouts.Yes he gives the good builders a bad name and it's a insult and Scam to the public..Iv'e never seen such a CON ARTIST last so long..


You mean that garbage fiberglass hood? I don't know a single reputable body shop that would recommend a fiberglass hood.

Dan didn't want his name on a fiberglass hood that would look like *** again in 6 months. I don't blame him. Fiberglass is junk.

It looks nice for a few months, but then it just looks disgusting. Walked by a 10 year old Mustang with a fiberglass kit yesterday, and man, that thing was atrocious.


He just spent 2200 hours on a 70 Shelby , plus 50 K in parts..

What's the rate hour $80?

$210,000 bill for a car you can but at BArret Javkson for $85K

to Anonymous #1350926

You can ALWAYS buy a classic car cheaper than you can restore it, especially if you want custom-fabricated upgrades. That's how classic cars work.

People who do nut-and-bolt restorations do it for love instead of profit. If you want to profit, you don't do a full resto.

You slap filler and paint on it and push it out the door. Obviously, this customer wanted to do it this way instead.

Olympia, Washington, United States #1322096

I would not let these people within a mile of my car.

I saw this last night on Velocity.

I could hardly believe it. The customer was a former NHRA drag racer, who wanted his Chevelle set up for street/strip cruising/racing, with 650 horsepower. He wanted a straight line rocket to beat other straight line rockets on the street, and at the strip once in a while. This is not rocket science.

You either get a kit and install a 4 link, with some mini-tubs and big tires, and tie some things in to keep it straight, or you go buy a complete chassis from Art Morrison for 15k, and be done with it. And whatever engine you specified, would have FIT. In fact though, it gets worse; they didn't even bother to address the existing 502's lack of throttle response and performance. That could have been addressed and that engine could have made 750 HP easily with a carb and a pro-charger.

What does this guy do? He builds the guy a custom IRS rear end? Are you kidding me. For a drag style street machine.

W.T.F. Further more, he finds that the original frame is hammered and cracked, but rather than just ordering a proper chassis built by someone who knows what they're doing, he pays his guy to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, by fabricating a whole new front half, when the also highly questionable (for it's purpose) LT4 doesn't fit. And at the end of the day, he bills this guy $100,000 for this thing, it's still sitting on skinny tires, with half an original trashed frame, with no cage or chassis tie-ins (despite having cracked A pillars?). I've fabricated custom, classic, and race cars professionally since 1980 and this has to be the most egregious case of total ignorance and incompetence I've ever seen on the other side of 100k.

No drag racer would EVER want an IRS rear end in a street/strip car and in fact, IRS rears are routinely removed and replaced with a straight rear, because of exactly that. Yeah, no wonder his customer was "surprised at the choice of parts". I wonder what he really thinks off camera. That SHOULD have been a SAFE 10 second street car for less than 60k had he had any knowledge about building the type of car his customer requested.

He clearly doesn't because his customer just spent 100k on a 12 second car. No wonder he doesn't bid the work.

So much for the pretty engine he wanted as well, it's hideous. But it gets even worse: This guy, a veteran, is also apparently ripping off veterans with a *** charity: https://www.military1.com/coast-guard/article/320965014-nonprofit-has-yet-to-deliver-promised-vehicles-to-wounded-vets/


to Anonymous #1350914

The guy wanted something fast that could be driven on the street. The big block could easily make 750 with a carb and procharger, it would still be a rough-running engine that got 2 mpg.

And it wouldn't hold traction with street tires anyway. The LT4 engine choice was appropriate. Nobody runs big blocks with carbs on daily drivers anymore. The 1950s called; they want their technology back.

The guy also wanted an IRS so that the car didn't handle like dog sh*t when he was daily driving it.

He didn't ask them to build a dedicated drag racing car. He probably already has a few of those. He wanted a daily driver that he could have some fun with at the track.

Like a real track that has curves and stuff. He came back with the car in a later episode to challenge Dan to a race, so he must have been happy with the car.

The price also isn't that unreasonable, when you consider that a quarter of that budget was just the engine alone, and the IRS was a custom job from scratch.

to Anonymous #1503028

I am guess this anonymous response is from the Thief Dan Short himself. You would be smart to stop presenting the bill at the end of the episode on TV and having such a big smile on your face.

Unbelievable....how you could feel good about the cost you charge and unnecessary work you do. There are some real car builders on Velocity that deserve the money that they charge. you are just a run of the mill mechanic shop charging like you are a true custom shop.

Wonder why the other guys don't get such bad reviews. There is a reason Dan....you are a JOKE!

to Anonymous #1635337

And yet, the former NHRA racer, a smart guy with lots of money, was very happy with the result and value, and came back to Dan to have more work done. What does that say?


I just watched the episode with the 53 Cadillac. He charge them $50,000 for the air conditioning system alone and then another fifty thousand for the car restoration and the customers totally bought it.

This guy is a scam artist every episode I've seen as a joke. The episode with the Mercury Cougar they didn't want to work on the car because it was fuel injection and the mechanic didn't know how to work on a fuel injected car to build horsepower?

So what did he do? He changed out the rear end to give the illusion that they did something to bring out horsepower when all they did was change the gearing.

to Anonymous #1350923

Ever try to track down working factory parts for a '53 Caddy? The old school refrigerant for those Lincolns and Cadillacs costs about 6 grand alone.

$50,000 is a lot of money, but the owner wanted a FACTORY Cadillac AC.

He could would have retrofitted a modern OE system for less than $2,000, but he specified that he wanted FACTORY parts for a 60+ year old car. That was his call, and he was happy with it.

to Anonymous #1543578

He told them he would not install aftermarket a.c. after he already started on the build,hard to back out then. I see how he works.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1259894

Certainly one is entitled too express their opinions but more details to your grievance would be helpful so potetntial customers can make a valid decision I have never used this shop, have no affiliation at all but I am considering having a project completed being in business myself I have learned it is best to assess a company or a person on facts and performance JOHN B. Baltimore md.

Ballston Spa, New York, United States #1230385

I just watched the Chevelle episode and was disgusted with the $70,000 bill. Are you freaking kidding me?

I could buy TWO restored show quality Chevelles for that. Why are people so ***?

to Anonymous #1350920

Well, for some reason, this person wanted HIS Chevelle restored instead of buying a new one. That's the thing about restorations: if you do a full resto the right way, you will never get out of it what you put into it. People do this for love, not profit.

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