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Just watched the "rerun show" about the blue 1965 GTO. hit on the right side.

The owners had received a check from his insurance company and brought his car to Fantom works. Dan told the owner that there where no replacement parts available when he inspected the car. REALLY......Original Parts Group has every sheet metal part he needed.....door,1/4 panel, and rocker panel. $ 65K later and snow job from Dan the customer left.

Hope he was wearing tall boots...cause it was getting awful deep. Sad thing about the whole thing is....the car in not worth $65K in the real world. I also have seen some really shoddy work. Bondo and paint will cover many sins.

Some of Dan's customers have no clue about cars.....so they leave with shiny paint and a rusty bottom.....the car, not the customer.

Now...before you jump on me. I spent 45 years as an auto tech and many years in a body shop on high $$$ cars.

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haters hate don't be jealous get out and do your own thing


Watching the 69 Z28 repair show. Initial evaluation of it being a numbers matching restored car was so sloppy.

Right away he says it has the correct high performance 4 barrel carb on it. They didn't use Holley carbs back then.

It would have been a Carter AFB. On and on they say wrong things about the car.


This Scam Dan just has no shame. How is he still in business and more importantly he should be in Prison. I wonder were he keeps the real books, not the one's he show the IRS!!

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