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Just watched the "rerun show" about the blue 1965 GTO. hit on the right side.

The owners had received a check from his insurance company and brought his car to Fantom works. Dan told the owner that there where no replacement parts available when he inspected the car. REALLY......Original Parts Group has every sheet metal part he needed.....door,1/4 panel, and rocker panel. $ 65K later and snow job from Dan the customer left.

Hope he was wearing tall boots...cause it was getting awful deep. Sad thing about the whole thing is....the car in not worth $65K in the real world. I also have seen some really shoddy work. Bondo and paint will cover many sins.

Some of Dan's customers have no clue about cars.....so they leave with shiny paint and a rusty bottom.....the car, not the customer.

Now...before you jump on me. I spent 45 years as an auto tech and many years in a body shop on high $$$ cars.

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im doing a 65 GTO rebuild show me a door skin for a 1964 or 65 Pontiac GTO or Lemans. Quarter Panels yes Doors NO...….only patch panels are available.

From 1966 and up you can get a entire door skin or shell. Better do your homework before bad mouthing anyone


I have watched the show quite a bit. In one show there was a Sunbeam Tiger where they repaired the dashboard and instruments.

What a botched job. An exact reproduction dashboard is available and original rebuilt instruments. Oh yes they made a mess of the wiring harness. I have been a long time Sunbeam owner and weekend mechanic.

I have helped many owners in the sunbeam club with repairs to their cars.

I don’t think Mr. Short knows the difference between a screwdriver and a socket wrench.


You need to watch that episode again . The car that was worked on was a 1964 GTO , not a 1965 .

to Ron V #1636494

thank you very much he don't even know what year is which! But likes to run his mouth


I just watched a show with a ‘49 Chevy truck that need a glass frame rail. Dan said the part is no longer available and they’d have to create one with who knows how many man hours.

I found the part on Google in less than a minute for $39!

The bills like an attorney. Totally unethical.


Good show. But Dan is all about getting his 10 page bill ready for the customer with some labor charges to the half minute!


Guy makes me sick what a con artist


You r so right ..but it was a 1964 gto..i dont know were dan fine all the sucker to come to him..and he is always trying to find more with something that it don't need...


Dan short is an idiot. Along with being a rip off and a moron.


I had to leave another comment You have never been a tech...body or mechanical...maybe you did some R&R or R&I but that dont make you a tech can tell from your comment you have no clue about the business just by name dropping OPG...a REAL shop will not use that over priced aftermarket stuff and a insurance company sure as *** wont By the way...im I-CAR platnum and A.S..C master tech


Bahahaha this guy...OPG is a aftermarket company...meaning aftermarket parts...the guy got a check from insurance company because the car was a total loss...he most likely had a insurance company that will only use O.E.M parts or he had a O.E.M policy....maybe you should learn about the business before you speak


haters hate don't be jealous get out and do your own thing


Watching the 69 Z28 repair show. Initial evaluation of it being a numbers matching restored car was so sloppy.

Right away he says it has the correct high performance 4 barrel carb on it. They didn't use Holley carbs back then.

It would have been a Carter AFB. On and on they say wrong things about the car.

to Tim Heath #1586485

Gm did install Holly's on dz 302 engines

to Jj #1592802

JJ you are absolutely correct! The standard was the quadrajet.

to Tim Heath #1632115

A quick Google search will show that the DZ absolutely came with a Holley. Who are you people? Do your homey efofe you actually post


This Scam Dan just has no shame. How is he still in business and more importantly he should be in Prison. I wonder were he keeps the real books, not the one's he show the IRS!!

to B222 #1587604

Did your parents have any children that lived?

to B222 #1595770

*** Wee Herman delivered that same line to a heckler in Dallas in the early 80's. Were you there??

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