I was vacationing in the area of FW so I stopped in to see what the place was like. I have been a fan for a while and am a big car buff.

My wife and I went in the front door and we were immediately confronted by Audrey, the office manager. I mentioned I am a fan and noticed on the sign that tours were the previous day.

Audrey smiled "politely" and said we are filming and gave us a stare. I am in sales and know that look of "get the F out". We weren't expecting a private tour but giving a few minutes of history would have been nice. Too bad.

Bottom line is I watch the show for the cars not to see the office manager.

Reason of review: be nicer Audrey.

Preferred solution: be nicer Audrey.

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I am sure that this happens to more people that you can imagine. I am pretty sure it was not personal. People like you come in all the time.


You said that you were a day late and missed the tour. I don't understand what she did wrong.

You said that she politely said that they were filming.

What were they supposed to do? Accommodate you?


Not her fault YOU missed the boat. Audrey handled the situation put in front of her, professionally.

Not negatively.

Your sense of entitlement is unreal and arrogant. If you were a true fan of the show, you would've KNOWN when they were busy filming.


Watched the show yesterday about that 69 red Camaro the owner got taken for $50 thousand at the first shop which was a nitemare for the owner then he goes to F.M W and he charges almost $40 thousand to redo what was done good grief he could have done that car for cost poor guy shelled out almost $100,000 to get his dream car finished,it's called karma, F.W. it will bite you it the *** later.....


I have never seen a shop so highly over priced, what an embarrassing show to film totally over priced or shall I say Riped off.Velocity should screen shops more thourlly, as for Dan and Fantom Works you should be ashamed of yourself. Blackjack


Dan has no shame thats the thing. Scam artist like him couldn't care less about people and Dan will take what ever life savings you have. Its unfortunate that people still go to him and Velocity Ch should really drop his show, as its a Negative mark on basicly a great channel He realyy should be reported to the BBB.


loves the show and Dan takes pride in all of the cars that come in to his shop he has said many times he will not let the car leave the shop unless its safe


Dan is always way to dramatic. On stuff. Almost a joke to watch.


While I appreciate the above story, Fantomworks is not a museum. It is a business and as they were filming, you could not and should not expect them to STOP and accommodate your needs.

Perhaps Audrey could have handled it better but you should also show some consideration that there was filming going on involving a film crew, Dan Short, and employees. Sorry but that is my opinion.


I notice phantom works people post a lot of come back comments on this site although under different names of course, it's obvious.


I have noticed the people that are complaining on here have no clue what it takes to do or redo these cars....i bet you even think it only takes a day to...metal work...body work..paint reasemble a car...yup audrey prolly gave you a look...FYI...its a business in RL not a TV show


Dan has rebuilt a 57 chevy for me and did I ever get screwed if

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